The day started off with an incredibly cold 13 mile ride out to the event from near home with another runner. It was fantastic fun despite not being able to feel my fingers or my toes until about half-way through the race.

As we arrived, the 5km race was just finishing and a few friends were stood around spectating waiting for the 10km to begin. Laughs were had at the expense of my buff - which had frozen solid in parts from the ride there.

The race itself was an out and back on the Old Railway Walk in the Cors Caron National Nature Reserve just outside of Tregaron. Considering how close it is to me, I'd never ran that route before. It's certainly something I'm going to try and do more often.

Map view of the run from Polar Flow

On the way there, I did say I wasn't going to give the race my all but I certainly went harder than I intended (don't we always).
The track was narrow out of the start line so the choice was to be stuck in the pack for a while until it widened out a little or get ahead, I opted for the latter and settled on a pace that I thought was sustainable while I created some space. Unfortunately, this backfired and resulted in me spotting a fantastic runner, keeping them in my sights for the duration of the race.

About two thirds of the way out, you can see my HR increase in to Zone 5 when I decided to keep pace with the runner in front after they stopped casually chatting to someone else. Once they spotted how close I was at the turn-around, I swear they put a bit more effort in.

Thankfully the course was pretty much flat, so there were no hills to contend with to raise my HR even quicker. It also meant there was no downhill for it to recover on either. I managed to keep a reasonably even pacing (for me) throughout the race and my cadence was pretty clean too.

HR, Pace, Cadence & Altitude overview from Polar Flow

I remembered to press the lap button when turning around which provided me with the info below in a much clearer table.

As you can see, the pacing was pretty even each way but the HR avg for the second half was certainly higher while trying to maintain that pace over that distance.

Lap, Duration, Distance, HR, Pace overview from Polar Flow

You can also view the race on Strava.


Overall: 12th Place
Gender: [Need to check and update]